Join our Emailing List

Thanks for thinking about joining our email list. We thought that if we were you then we’d probably be slightly worried about clicking another link that could mean yet more junk clogging up our inbox. We’d probably also want to know how often we’d get emailed and how safe would our email address be? So in order to put your mind at rest…here’s a little info.

We pay to use a professional service to manage our fan list called FANBRIDGE. This ensures that your data is safe and properly managed. It means that you can easily unsubscribe from the list at any time – every email that we send has a very straightforward ‘unsubscribe’ button. The system ensures that none of the other members on the list will have access to your email address. It also means that we can send emails to just certain members of the list – for example we won’t send the UK list members emails about shows in Canada and vice versa.

We will never share your email address with any other organisation.
We usually send an email out to our list a week or so before each show just to keep people informed of how to get tickets etc. We’ll email out when we have ‘newsworthy’ news or when we run a competition.
The emails that we send out are not automatically generated, nor are they full of flashing bells and whistles. A typical email from us looks something like this (CLICK HERE). You can reply to the emails and we greatly enjoy receiving comments from people who feel inclined to keep in touch.
We hope that this has put your mind at rest and that you’ll decide to join the happy gang! Click here to go to the ‘sign up’ page.